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Saturday 5 January 2008

Basal cell carcinoma

Clinical picture
A 44-year-old woman consulted for this lesion on her back with a circinar papulous border clinically suspicious of being a basal cell carcinoma.

Dermoscopy 1
In dermoscopy the lesion lacked pigment network.
There were blue- gray globules and polymorphous vessels (glomerular vessels, linear irregular vessels, hairpin vessels)

Dermoscopy 2

Dermoscopy 3
Glomerular vessel
and hairpin vessels (right part)

Dermoscopy 4
irregular linear vessels

In this case, vascular pattern was atypical for a basal cell carcinoma which features typically arborizing tree vessels. Irregular linear vessels are more often observed in melanomas.
The lesion was excised and pathology confirmed the diagnosis of basal cell carcinoma.

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