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Friday 6 June 2008

Meyerson's nevus

A 50-year-old man consulted for a pruritic pigmented lesion on his abdomen which rapidly changed with a peripheral erythema in favor of a Meyerson's nevus.

1a - Clinical view: eczematous halo around a pigmented nevus (before treatment)

Dermoscopy revealed a peripheral erythema circumsbring a pigmented lesion with a negative pigment network and regression areas.

1b - Dermoscopy: negative pigment network.

A short corticosteroid topical treatment was prescribed and after 10 days, the eczematous halo was less important. Dermoscopy revealed blue-gray areas in favour of regression.

2a -Clinical view after a corticosteroid topical treatment (10 days)

2b - Dermoscopic view: after a corticosteroid topical treatment.
Globular pattern with some blue-gray areas in favor of regression.

Because of these signs of regression, the lesion was excised. Pathology was in favour of a benign Meyerson's nevus.