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Thursday 10 April 2008


Hypopigmentation is a very common sign seen in atypical nevi (dysplastic nevi) .
Hypopigmented areas are devoid of structures, lightly pigmented, and comprise at least 10% of the surface area. Hypopigmented areas are sometimes observed around follicles in common nevi and congenital nevi.
In atypical nevi, these areas are located centrally whereas in melanomas they are most often seen at the periphery.

Case 1: central hypopigmentation and peripheral reticular pattern in an atypical nevus

Case 2: multiple areas of hypopigmentation and reticular pattern in an atypical nevus

Case 3: patchy multifocal hypopigmentation in an atypical nevus

Case 4: hypopigmented areas around follicles in a melanocytic nevus