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Sunday 3 February 2008

Globule-like structures and ring-like structures

A 45-year-old man consulted for a pigmented firm tumor on his right shoulder.
Firm aspect on palpation and dermoscopic feature were in favor of a dermatofibroma.

Brown globule-like structures and ring-like structures (red circle) were observed.

Globulelike structures are formed because the rete ridges are often flat, confluent, and hyperpigmented .
inglike structures are a kind of globule with a darker peripheral rim.

Fissures and ridges were also displayed in this case (arrows)

The most frequent dermoscopic patterns observed in dermatofibromas are the central white
scar- like patch and the peripheral delicate pigment network.
Globule-like structures, ring-like structures, fissures and ridges are less usual structures in this kind of tumor.

Recent litterature about dermoscopy of dermatofibromas:
Pedro Zaballos, Susana Puig, Alex Llambrich, Josep Malvehy. Dermoscopy of Dermatofibromas. A Prospective Morphological Study of 412 Cases. Arch Dermatol. 2008;144(1):75-83

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