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Monday 19 December 2011

Plantar lesion

1 - clinical image

A 28-year-old woman consulted for a plantar  bluish ulcerated lesion on his left foot which was present for 6 months.

Clinically, a melanoma was suspected.

2 - Dermoscopic image

Dermoscopy revealed:
  • blue hue
  • ulceration
  • blue ovoid nest
in favor of a basal cell carcinoma.

but this lesion was excised and pathology revealed an eccrine poroma (or eccrine acrospiroma).

Dermoscopic features of eccrine poroma have been described similar to basal cell carcinoma except the spoke-wheel areas and leaf-like structures (1)

1- A.Gatti, N. di Meo, G. Trevisan. Dermoscopy of eccrine acrospiroma masquerading as nodular malignant melanoma. ActaDermatoven APA Vol 19, 2010, No4, 23-25