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Sunday 20 July 2008


This rapidly engrowing lesion for 2 months was clinically in favor of a keratoacanthoma.

In our case dermoscopy revealed:
  • an unspecific pattern
  • a central ulceration with blood crusts
  • a corona of elongated hairpin blood vessels on a white background corresponding to a white keratotic halo

Other dermoscopic features of keratoacanthomas are:
  • multicomponent pattern
  • polymorphous vessels
  • central keratotic plug
Elongated hairpin blood vessels on a white keratotic halo are non specific of keratoacanthomas and can be observed in invasive squamous cell carcinomas.

Keratoacanthomas is considered as "benign" variant of squamous cell carcinoma. The first line therapy consists in an excision although other alternatives are possible (imiquimod, PDT, etc...)

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