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Sunday 27 July 2008

Glomerular vessels

A 65-year-old woman consulted for this red lesion on her right leg for 8 months. (clinical picture above)

Fig 1: polarized-light contact dermoscopy with a slight pressure
of the dermoscope.

Dermoscopy with a polarized-light contact dermoscope revealed an unspecific pattern and typical glomerular vessels in a symmetric distribution, in favor of a Bowen disease.

Fig 2: polarized-light contact dermoscopy with
a heavier pressure of the dermoscope which emptied
the blood vessels.

Polarized-light dermoscopy offers a better visualization than contact-light dermoscopy for blood vessels whatever the type of vessels, at the condition not to heavily press on the lesion.

Glomerular vessels are the specific local criteria for diagnosing Bowen disease.

Other non specific criteria for Bowen disease are:
  • unspecific global pattern
  • scales *
  • ulceration*
* not present in our case